Why Buy Hay From Us

Hay in simple terms is grass that is cut, dried and baled when at its most nutritive state to be used as animal food. Today you are able to buy hay bales online thanks to Lisa Conner Inc. Here in the United States there has always been hay for sale near you. However, it was difficult for those in need of a lot of bales to get access to this animal feed. So we started a family business by acting like a broker connecting buyers to farmers. But then we realized not all the farmers were actually producing very nutritive hay as required. Thus we took upon ourselves to become the best producers and suppliers of hay bales. This move has forever been the perfect solution to all the problems our clients had. So, they now enjoy the most nutritive bales of hay for sale from our 25 years of experience.

Our hay is so tasty, your pets will beg for
seconds (and thirds, and fourths...).

Free Delivery

Because who wants to pay for shipping when you could be buying more hay?

10% OFF on Repeat Delivery

Don’t be a one-time hay hero, subscribe and save 10% every time!

Free Delivery

Our farming practices are so green, you’ll think our hay is made of recycled money!

Hay So Good

that it makes other hay want to throw in the towel and become a houseplant.

100% Sustainable and Natural

We’ve been using green and sustainable farming practices for 4 generations!

Family-Owned Farm

Proudly made in the USA by generations of farmers.